​​​Evergreen Acres

Odin's Story​

​Odin was born ion May 1st, 1991 in Birch Hills,  Sacskatchewan.  His regisatered name was Johnstone's Toney and under that name he sired six foals with four different Fjord mares until he was gelded in March 1997.  One of those foals was Luna and the last one born in 1997 was Finn, now  living at Shady Acres on Bowen Island.

We bought Odin, together with Luna, late in 1997 from a film set on Vancouver Island where they had been part of the large number of Fjords brought together for the  Disney film "The Thirteenth Warrior". a retelling of the Viking saga of Beowulf.   Although they weren't in great shape and had little conventional schooling , (Odin had been used for logging)  they  quickly proved their worth in every aspect of our equestrian business.  Now semi-retired, Odin is the acknowledged wise old man of the property - he can open any gate, and roam where he chooses when he does so.  When he is in the turn-outs  out by the road he is happy to receive visitors, especially if they have carrots or apples, and he is always ready for a back or face scratch.