​​​Evergreen Acres

Edgar's Story

​Edgar's previous owner was looking for good home for him as she wanted to move on to a higher level dressage horse.  A  previous student  of ours  had horses at  the same barn in Richmond and she suggested  Evergreen Acres as a suitable environment for  him.  Edgar is a beautiful , big Lippizanner/Hanoverian gelding  with the floating, graceful movement of his breed but a large melanoma (the curse of many grey horses) on his jawline and the suspicion of a weakness  in his off-hind from a previous injury, made him a gift horse to be cherished.  We were fortunate to have a gifted dressage rider with us at this time and as she worked with Edgar we all enjoyed seeing him flourish.

After a couple of years on the mainland in Langley, Maple Ridge and eventually  with a herd of  buddies in a lovely property in Hatzic, Edgar returned to Bowen when Bryoni and her family came back to live on the property. He still has the biggest "spook" of any horse I know, but with few demands made of him now, Edgar is finally  learning to fully trust and relax with most of us but he is still a horse that needs to be handled with care.