​​​Evergreen Acres




By creating a serene and stress-free environment with the best possible care for our horses we strive  to share our appreciation of these beautiful creatures and enjoy the gifts that their nature and our land can bestow on us all.

This is basically a family business.  We have developed the property so that we can look after horses here.

Our combination of hands-on-experience, courses undertaken, certification achieved,  competitive riding, boarding at other barns on the lower mainland and in the U.S, have all helped us feel confident in the care and attention we give our horses here at Evergreen, 


Christine Miller is the owner/manager of Evergreen Acres.

Let's just say that she has "many years" of experience - riding, owning horses and boarding at barns  in England, Canada and in the U.S.A.

Bryoni Miller-Potts is a certified EC Level One Coach.  She has taught a variety of students  taking them  to successfully compete in shows on Bowen Island and on the lower mainland in basic riding, jumping and dressage. While doing this she competed herself in dressage and fulfilled the requirements for herself and her students for their Rider Prep qualifications and up the level required for the EC Level Two  certification. Taking a break from teaching to concentrate on family life, Bryoni did take a course in Equine Massage and in 2017 she started studying with Generation Farms  in their Equine Facilitated Wellness program. 

Margaret Miller as the youngest in the family has always had horses in her life. In addition to enjoying her own ponies and horses she has had the mantle of chief bandage wrapper, mane braider,

first-aid dispenser and general invaluable back-up person bestowed upon her. During our brief stay in Missouri where she attended high school, she was able to compete in the local hunter-jumper circuit which was a new experience for us.

We have loose boxes for stabling for  seven horses in the main barn and the three in the auxiliary small barn.  Also there are four sturdy shelters attached to turn-outs as well as as day-time shelters in four of our paddocks.  We have a variety of turn-out areas of differing sizes, some grassed. We choose the stabling arrangements to suit each horse and like to have some flexibility in the turn-outs we use according to the personality of the horse, the state of the ground and the time of year.

Our round pen has an all-weather footing of sand and rubber which is usable for most of the year.  The two riding rings have bark mulch/wood chips footing and both drain reasonably well so can be used most of the year - heavy snow is the only insurmountable problem!  There is a bark mulch trail around the perimeter of the property and this is an invaluable feature, especially if any of the rings cannot be used.

The property is on the junction of two dead-end roads which have relatively little traffic - one leads onto trails to  Crown Land  which has an extensive network of trails.

The Staff